Reclaimed Furniture Ideas

If you have the time and the space to do the work, creating furniture from reclaimed materials, or repurposing old furniture for new uses can be very satisfying.  You can create unqiue furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.


reclaimed barn beam furniture - kitchen table

Here’s a great example of old reclaimed barn beams used to created a glass top dining from table and stools.  A relatively easy project from any wood working craft person.  Source.


DIY Rustic Wall Table

I love this.  A unique rustic but stylish wall table made from a couple lengths of discarded barn beams and four pieces of rebar.  If you are lucky enough to acquire the discarded barn wood as scrap, this project would set you back just a few dollar and consume an afternoon.  From Digs Digs

More Reclaimed Furniture Ideas and Resources

DIY coffee table barn wood and plumbing pipe

Another super simple DIY table project using scrape iron plumbing pipe and discarded wood planks.  The wood top can be made from discarded flooring, old butcher block, barn beam wood, or almost any other wood materials. Source


repurposed industrial materials for kitchen decor

Is this fun or what?  A few discard, heavy duty industrial spring coils for stools and industrial mercury lamps for overhead kitchen island lighting.  The mercury lamps have no doubt been changed out with standard incandescent lights. Source