Shabby Chic Wedding Decor Ideas

It’s hard to think of an outdoor wedding and not think of shabby chic outdoors.  Flowers, soft lighting, lace, white coverings, create a lovely atmosphere.  Here are some shabby decor ideas I found for an outdoor wedding.

Here flowers adorn a simple presentation for guest cards.. From

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas Card Displays

I loved this idea.  Vintage style black & white photos of the wedding party in their childhood captured like fireflies in a jar.  What a wonderful keepsake idea.  From

Shabby Chic Wedding Table Decor Photos

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Traditional excesses for flowers and cover chairs, this has shabby chic all over it, yet is traditional for an outdoor wedding.  Here reclaimed chairs were dressed up, but you could just as easily do the same with those ugly rental chairs. From TempleSquare.comShabby Chic Wedding Table Decorations

Another great idea.  Personalized bouquets of daisies presented and arranged using reclaimed furniture pieces.  Very country, very shabby chic. From

Shabby Chic Wedding Favor Ideas

This is on the edge of shabby chic but I included it because I liked the way they blended the mismatched collection of reclaimed chairs with table decor, garden, and lighting. From

Shabby Chic Outdoor Wedding Reception

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